Gerber Toilets

Gerber toilets are made by a company established by Max Gerber in Chicago, Illinois back in 1932. It was a business that was managed by the family for decades and currently features toilets seats, tubs, electronic flush valves, shower fittings and of course, Gerber toilets parts.

The family business was eventually purchased by Globe Union Group but the Gerber name is still used by the company even today. And even if the Gerber toilet was developed in 1932, it still flushes the same way as it did decades ago. The durability of the products resulted to bigger market and more loyal customers for Gerber, since its competition failed to make the same products that have the same lifespan as those manufactured by the company.

Popular Products

Today, Gerber has a complete line of residential and commercial vitreous china products that include bidets, lavatories and toilets. It is a leading producer of bathtub drains as well as a full range of bathroom, laundry and kitchen faucets. Its commercial product line include Gerber toilets, urinals, service sinks, lavatories, mechanical faucets, flush valves and electronic faucets. Almost all bathroom faucets made by the company exceeds the strict requirements for lead content by the state of California. Aside from low flow faucets, Gerber also produces a highly efficient line of HEU urinals and HET toilets that are all WaterSense certified. You may read on Gerber toilets review online if you are considering a Gerber fixture for your bathroom, or if you want to know where to buy the best toilets.

Gerber toilets are designed and made in the company’s facilities located in the United States, Canada and Asia. It has 4 distribution centers situated in North America, which supply wholesale distributors in all states of the US. Gerber is an active partner of the WaterSense program of the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency and a member of the Green Building Council of the United States.

Advantages of Gerber Toilets

  • Saving water is the foremost benefit of owning Gerber toilets. However, even if the toilets use less amount of water than other brands, it did not lose its high performance and quality. In fact, the Gerber toilet provides a dependable and efficient flush every time, all the time.
  • Toilets that are made by Gerber are priced competitively, allowing the customers to have the best value for their dollars.
  • Gerber toilets are always a breeze to install, compared to other popular products that require sophisticated plumbing and seals.
  • Toilets and lavatories from Gerber are offered in up to a dozen colors although some colors are available only while supplies last or on special orders.
  • Gerber has a 10 year warranty on its vitreous china products while other parts are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Gerber has been given a green status by the US government, which means that the company adheres to the practice of manufacturing products that are safe for the environment through eco-friendly production processes. This honor leveraged the company to a bigger customer base.